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The general donations that M-LIFE receives play an indispensable role in the management and conservation of our collection, scientific research, organizing high-quality exhibitions and remaining an open arts centre for one and all.

This enables M to continue to be the most important Belgian centre of expertise for medieval art. The exhibition ‘Borman and Sons’ is one example among many. An ambitious exhibition such as this costs a lot of money. About one fifth of the exhibition budget was provided by the M-LIFE fund.
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And thanks to general donations, M continues to be a meeting place for co-creation and innovation (think, for example, of ‘Madness. Students at M’, and a place where old masters encounter contemporary art (such as in the exhibition ‘The Langauge of the Body’. But it also applies to scientific research projects through which we maintain our position as a knowledge hub. It is thanks to your support that M can continue to play this role.

Donations of € 40 and above are tax deductible.

Good news related to your donation: due to the extraordinary times as a result of the corona measures, the government has decided to increase the tax deduction on donations from 45% to 60%. This applies to all donations given since January 2020.

M Leuven cooperates with the King Baudouin Foundation to receive donations and issue the correct tax attestations. You will therefore be directed to a webpage of the King Baudouin Foundation to make your donation.

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Manual bank transfer and bequest

Would you like to distribute your support across a whole year? If so, you can support M or one of the projects on a monthly basis. You can do this by monthly direct debit to account number BE19 7360 3770 7712. Please do not forget to mention the structured communication.

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Manual bank transfer and bequest