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Support the management and conservation of the M-collection. Thanks to your donation, we can continue to restore, conduct scientific research and organize exhibitions of the M-collection.

In addition to exhibitions with international loans, M also organizes exhibitions of pieces from its own M-collection, which comprises 52,000 artworks. We can thus use this collection to continue to tell multivalent and relevant stories on a regular basis. Moreover, this allows us to reveal something of the richness of the collection. But this also entails certain costs. Your donation enables us to continue to restore and conserve the collection, conduct scientific research and organize exhibitions of the M-collection. M can thus continue to consolidate its place on the map as a dynamic museum that combines old masters and contemporary art in a unique mix.
With the support of M-LIFE in 2019, sixteen artworks received conservation or restoration treatments for the collection presentations: ‘Madness. Students at M’ and ‘The Language of the Body’. These treatments have the following shared characteristics: meticulous conservation treatment with cleaning and removal of old, yellowed layers of varnish. This gives the artwork its original lustre and makes colours and details visible again, as shown on the painting depicted here. Historical frames have been restored, and other paintings have been reframed in new and appropriate frames.
A few facts and figures:
‘Madness. Students at M’: 27 artworks of which seven artworks were treated by an external restorer.
‘The Language of the Body’: 53 artworks of which nine artworks were treated by an external restorer.
The fundraising drive for the restoration of the Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus by Dieric Bouts raised € 5.000.

Donations of € 40 and above are tax deductible.

Good news related to your donation: due to the extraordinary times as a result of the corona measures, the government has decided to increase the tax deduction on donations from 45% to 60%. This applies to all donations given since January 2020.

M Leuven cooperates with the King Baudouin Foundation to receive donations and issue the correct tax attestations. You will therefore be directed to a webpage of the King Baudouin Foundation to make your donation.

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Would you like to distribute your support across a whole year? If so, you can support M or one of the projects on a monthly basis. You can do this by monthly direct debit to account number BE19 7360 3770 7712. Please do not forget to mention the structured communication.

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