Supporting regional artists

Give young talent an extra boost and help M to prepare them to take their first steps in the museum context.

Creating new artworks requires time, means and risk-taking, not only for the artist and curators, but also for the public. At M, we invest in the future of art and the artists of tomorrow. 

Since 2017, M has fostered the ambition to offer one artist per year an intensive coaching and support trajectory. The regional artist is offered a six-month residency at a studio at Cas-co, content-related coaching, and an opportunity to exhibit. This project is geared towards preparing young talent to take their first steps in the museum context. With your support, we are able to give this young talent that extra boost and to give pioneering artistic work a place in Leuven.

Each year, M Leuven offers a residency at its M-space at Cas-co. This residency is in part made possible by financing from M-LIFE and sponsoring from AMPLO. Within the framework of this programme, M offers artists from the region intensive collaboration and coaching opportunities, consultations with various curators, and the opportunity to produce and present new work. Thanks to your donations, we were able to offer three artists a residency this year.

Once per year, we open the M-studio to the general public, giving you the opportunity to meet the artists and to see their ‘work in progress’.
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Testimonials from M-artists-in-residence
“Here at Cas-co there are also people who work in other disciplines, and you can ask them for advice. And you have access to infrastructure that you would otherwise never have access to. It is also very important that people from M come by once in a while. And we receive studio visits from curators. They come to see and comment on our work. It is always interesting to get feedback from experts. And it is an excellent way to expand your network.” – Chantal van Rijt, M-resident edition 2019

“What I like so much about these residencies is that we have the opportunity to take risks. There is also space for experimentation during your studies, but afterwards it becomes a smaller part of your practice. You have to make things to earn money, and you focus more on the end result. But thanks to this M-residency – the budget, the studio, the support – I now have the opportunity to try things. I can finally let my undeveloped ideas flourish.” – Maud Gourdon, M-resident edition 2019

Discover all the M-residents:
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Donations of € 40 and above are tax deductible.

Good news related to your donation: due to the extraordinary times as a result of the corona measures, the government has decided to increase the tax deduction on donations from 45% to 60%. This applies to all donations given since January 2020.

M Leuven cooperates with the King Baudouin Foundation to receive donations and issue the correct tax attestations. You will therefore be directed to a webpage of the King Baudouin Foundation to make your donation.

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